The level of assistance that the behavioural team has provided to Graeme and myself in regards to Kate’s behaviour issues has been fantastic. The support we’ve received from the team has enabled us to work out a best solution for Kate and the results have been better than hoped. We’ve seen a huge turn around in Kate’s attitude and feedback from Abrohlos confirmed this and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support received. Kate’s behaviour when on weekend stays with Graeme has improved immensely.

Cameron, family member of Kate (resident of Abrolhos, Nulsen Disability Services)

My daughter Melissa (Mid 40’s) is challenged with a mild intellectual deficit, serious vision impairment and the propensity for fluctuating moods, possibly caused by Bi-Polar.

Therefore I have been more than thrilled about Georgia’s ability to gain a rapport with Melissa and give her positive behaviour support with initiatives that are doable.  There are many situations in allied health that it is not practical to befriend one’s clients, but this is the ideal opportunity to care whilst demonstrating empathy and gaining trust.

I know that if Melissa was not compatible with her Positive Behaviour support, she would speak out loud and clear therefore it has been good to know that Melissa happily anticipates Georgia’s visits.

The willingness to work above and beyond her role and help with other issues in Melissa’s life has not gone unnoticed, much appreciated. -Robyn

It is said that it “takes a village to raise a child” and so it is within disability, a never-ending story.